Saturday, 7 September 2013


Uni-verse literally means "one song"

Our ears hear tones in terms of hertz (Hz), or cycles (the number of times a wave repeats itself) per second. Our brain waves are typically explained in ranges and are greatly influenced by sound waves.  Certain music can have great beneficial effect on the body, it slows the pulse and heart rate lowering blood pressure, decreases levels of the ageing stress hormone cortisol in the body, which in turn will improve the body’s immune system.

We usually intuitively "know" what colour vibration we need for our wellbeing and will choose our clothes for the day accordingly. For most people having their home decorated in neutral calming colours is most comfortable, bringing in accents of colour occasionally with soft furnishings (we all know folk who have decorated their sitting room in a crazy moment of madness then redecorated soon after because they couldn't live with it permanently) When we look at red for example, it increases the heart rate as it's a stimulating colour. This reaction of alarm goes all the way back to caveman days with the association of running and hunting. We have the opposite response to blue, the blue wavelength has a calming effect on our system, from cool duck egg blue walls to the staple navy blue jacket, used in balance blue can be a real leveller. 
Research shows that in homes for the elderly, a yellow communal sitting-room will keep the conversation flowing and the occupants alert. In the dining room white brown and green will aid appetite and digestion, in their bedroom’s lavender and lilac aids restful sleep promoting emotional wellness.

Light and sound has such a profound effect on our mental, emotional, and physiological state that we need to consider having as natural a rhythmic lifestyle as possible to be at optimum health. Sleeping when the sun goes down, wearing colours that feel "right" for us, eating seasonally grown foods, switching off electronic Wi-Fi household equipment at night so we're not bombarded with electromagnetic fields interfering with our own resonance and rhythms and spending time outside in natural light will all help to maintain your energy vibrating in harmonious song with the universe.

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