Monday, 19 August 2013


CURIOUS...this my word for the week. Socially I usually find naturally curious people a bit more fun to be with. My hubby and I celebrated 12 years married this weekend and in part being curious is what has kept us up close and happy for so long. Our shared fascination of life, of people, of our thought patterns, of each other’s behaviour patterns all contribute to us being in an open state of allowing and acceptance most of the time. He calls me keyhole Kate because I'm so curious as to how some people work. I’m curious to find out how they respond mentally and physically to their environment, I like to laser focus and find what makes people tick the way they do, being a detective is one of my fave aspects of my work as well as being curious enough to find solutions. His curiosity with nature and the flow of the seasons means that he always has something fun to bring to the relationship table. Another thing I find interestingly curious too; is him being out-doorsy and going with the natural rhythms of daylight and life, at 53 he hasn't ever suffered any kind of depression; he doesn't even suffer low moods. So I simply conclude, that this week's action for happiness is to get outside and get curious. Dawn 

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