Thursday, 12 September 2013


This video below is of my beautiful wise young buddy Yahyar Bakkar, we did some awesome coach training together where over many months all of us participating transformed and expanded as people in many areas of our lives. We learned a new psychology that regular talking therapy has been missing for a loooong time. 
As our group progressed together, we experienced regular relationship’s transform into outstanding marriages, families in conflict began working together in harmony, women began to confidently step into their feminine, food addictions fell away and slender people started to emerge!  
Those of us already working as coaches, therapists, public speakers etc began to incorporate this psychology into our work and oh boy have we seen amazing success for our clients. It was and still continues to be a beautiful journey of love. During this time Yahya was on this incredible journey to locate and meet his birth mum. It was a privilege to watch this unfold, some of it even literally streamed live on Thailand TV (queue the tissues!) This part of Yahya’s story is one of growth, trust and surrender. He works with young people inspiring them to know themselves, love themselves to grow into fabulous confident adults.

 Here in this vid he shares 3 misconceptions I often hear from my own clients when we start working together...
1. I have to prove my love in order to be loved.
2. I am not worthy of love because the people I love don’t accept me.
3. I'll be complete once this person, behavior or thing fills this emptiness that I feel deep inside.

Your very existence on the planet means that you are important and you matter, in our coach training our teacher Tony Robbins showed us and we saw for ourselves over and over that we experience love when we give love.
 We don't need someone else or anything else to prove to us that we are in fact love. Your key to freedom is in finding the right way for you to dissolve any fear that is a barrier to experiencing the authentic love that you already are, this is where your emotional wellness resides and this is my most favorite part of my work. 
Enjoy the vid and do something beautiful for you today. 
Wishing you exceptional emotional wellness,  Dawn

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