Sunday, 17 March 2013


Really enjoying this website today
It's owned and run by my good friend Dr. Andrea Seiffertt who is the Medical Director of the Center for Sustainable Medicine in CA
The following paragraphs are just some of her words from a longer text, explaining the concept and benefits of meditation.
"Meditation is a way to connect to your own highest consciousness and perhaps beyond. This is the ‘real you’ and can be thought of as ‘above’ or ‘beyond’ or ‘our innermost self’ instead of what we typically think of as ‘yourself’ (the ‘ego’ or thought-based identity). This is the real ‘Self’ who can observe the thoughts, emotions, and physical body. There are many paths and many types of meditation. When you are ready to learn, a teacher will be easy to find.
It may be helpful to understand the quantum physics concept that the universe is a field of creative energy, or pure consciousness, out of which everything arises. We are in it, and are made of it, and we also ARE it. In Ayurveda, there are 5 levels or vibrations of consciousness that we can perceive: physical, energetic, emotional/mental, intuitive/spiritual, and pure consciousness. Meditation helps us integrate pure consciousness, and become awake to all our layers and to our connection to everything in the universe."
Andrea and I met through a worldwide organisation that coordinates free public meditations in cities all over the globe, we are both proud conductors of Medmob meditations in our cities. ~ Dawn

Friday, 15 March 2013

Free Hypno Birthing downloads

Hey's an absolute honour to share with you these FREE Hypno-birthing downloads. My beautiful friends Tracy Holloway and the gentle super clever ladies at BORN are gifting deeeep relaxation and calm to anyone who feels called to use them during their pregnancy. Find them on the link below ~ Dawn ☀

About Relaxation For Childbirth 

Tap into Your Power

Whatever your current birth history, your feelings, anxiety and fears today - birthing your baby naturally is possible when you practice deep relaxation techniques and prepare your mind and body well. 
You can learn how to ‘go within’ and tap into the true wisdom of motherhood.  This is not a new concept, it’s the philosophy of birthing as it was thousands of years ago, as nature intended it to be and as it still is in some cultures.  You can learn to use this incredible power, this inner wisdom to guide you to a place of peace, or even bliss, as you gently breathe your baby into this world.
Relax, and learn how to provide the best possible start to your baby’s life.
As many parents know a happy birth makes for a happy baby and a happy baby makes for a happy life!

Heart Resonance

All of the Fresh Connective posts on our FaceBook page this week have focused on the importance of heart resonance. I feel so passionate that everyone needs to learn these techniques for them-self simply because the earlier in life you can learn to be in this vibratory state the easier and more beautiful your life experience will be. "Life" still happens around you of course, but if the muck does hit the fan and you are in a coherent state, you'll know calmly know what to do and how to be. The very nature of this optimum state is one of strength, protection and love. 

Our nervous system's work at optimum level    when we're serene and relaxed — We'll remember things better, we process information more efficiently, we're able to make better decisions and we're able to listen more mindfully. The fastest way to achieve this is to focus on appreciation. 

When you bring your head and heart into alignment, the higher brain function that happens will serve you with heightened intuition and; your life literally flows more easily when your heart energy is beating at a certain coherent resonance. Becoming the master of your thoughts and emotional responses will put you in the drivers seat for the ride of your life. Breathe in & breathe out, from your heart space.  Dawn ♥