Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Girls guide to your 2014 Goddess revolution

New year, new beginnings. Setting goals for your new year revolution.

Eliminate clutter  from your life and get ready to focus....

Writing down clear specific goals can be motivating in itself as it'll engage your subconscious mind, however making your dreams a successful reality may also take a little more visualisation, oomph and sparkle....heres how....

The late Steve Jobs once skilfully pointed out  "deciding what not to do is as important as deciding what to do" 

So, with that in mind forget excuses or procrastination, focus forward and prepare yourself for your own next level of fantasticleness.

new year goals
Top girl priority when setting your goal is to get into a great state of mind, bounce around, have a dance, giggle a bit,  spend time remembering the last time you achieved something and it felt fantastic, punch the air, really allow yourself some minutes making these fresh connectives in your mind to bring you into a GREAT space, this is the mindset and energy you need to achieve your goal, start as you mean to go on.

1 Visualise your goal, once achieved what will it look like?  sense how will it feel? who will you be? how could it benefit others?

2  Write your goal down stating why it's your goal. Plus write down how YOU will know when you've achieved it? where it will happen, who will see it and when?  what will it feel like? what will you wear?

3 Write down a deadline on your calendar, tell people your intention to hold you accountable and cement your commitment.

4 Break the process into small achievable stiletto steps.

5 Mark stages on a diary timeline so you know when it's time to step up.

6 Either create a personal "moodling" space or take a regular walk or similar that is just for "being" not "doing". Use this time simply for smiling and heart breathing. Re-connecting with your Inner Goddess is where you'll find the answers you're after.

7 Feed and nurture your goal like it's a dependant plant.

8  Practice, practice, practice visualising your success. See it, Smell it, Hear it.

9 Get over perfectionism, just get going.

10 Eliminate distractions to avoid procrastination.

11 Only make commitments that are important to you, let the rest go.

12 Know that  occasionally setbacks occur. Shit happens, learn from it, keep going.

13 Be prepared to raise your game (see above)

14 Be sure that if you do nothing, nothing will happen. You reap what you sow.

15 Who do you know who has achieved this before? study their process, enlist their help.

16 Create your own vision board, take a blank canvas/cork board/scrapbook or PC screen and cover it with images, words, pictures and quotes, be flamboyant, use colour, dates or anything relevant to your goal's development and success. Look at your collage everyday for motivation and confirmation of what you're creating.

17 You can not afford the luxury of a negative thought, learn to sit back, breathe in deeply and breathe that thought right back out, smile as you watch it leave.

18 Remember as Glinda the good witch of the north told us "you've always had the power my dear" YOU have it now, get your best heels on and make your dreams your reality.

19 ____________ write in your own affirmation, make it beautiful, make it about self love, write it so that you tell yourself everyday that you are fantastically unique and that you are enough.

20 Believe in your creative greatness, your life is totally your own design, it's your own unique story, write, create & tell the one you want.

Ps.. remember this is YOUR revolution, YOU have the power, give it a go!