Sunday, 12 January 2014

Keeping it Fresh

Halloo Fresh peeps....I've been posting my daily smoothie/juicing recipes on the Facebook page and a few of you have asked how I keep it affordable plus keep up with the variety of ingredients.
Well that's simple, I've made it easy and sustainable for myself with these six tips.....

1. Firstly, although I live in the middle of nowhere, I do have two farm shops nearby and usually when I pop in after work they've just bagged up end of the day produce into £1 bags, so I’ll often grab those. When I get home I give them a rinse and prepare the items, so as an example if it's pineapples or bananas - they get peeled then I roughly chop them and pop them into resealable zip freezer bags. I even freeze limes, lemons, ginger & turmeric root in 2inch wedges as well.
All of the fruit (and veg) is easily accessible in one place in the freezer, when I pull out the basket it's like a colourful jewellery box of delights to choose from.

healthy smoothies2. I'm blessed with a love of gardening and a greenhouse which means I grow a lot of fruit. During the warmer months I pick and freeze a lot of raspberries, strawberries, red and blackcurrants etc. Spinach is very easy to grow and has a long growing season here, as does mint and other herbs that get much use in my teas and juices.

3. Sometimes I use barley grass powder in my green health drinks, it's only £2.64 for a good size tub from Canterbury wholefoods which could be an affordable option over Spirulina that often is way more expensive. Chia seeds may seem expensive in the first place but a little seed goes a long way.

4. The forth reason is that apart from biscuits  (look I never said I was a saint!) I will not eat processed food so I always have fresh veg/salad/fruit in the kitchen anyway. In the morning I'll gather the fresh ingredients for my health drink then decide which nibbly jewels from the freezer I'll add for balance of flavour and vitamins.

5. Jars of seeds, nuts, powders and oils are kept next to my Vitamix so that everything is to hand exactly when it's needed. I'm not an early morning person so if it was all too complicated I wouldn't be doing it!

6. My last tip is get yourself a couple of great receptacles for taking your drink out with you. Most of my recipes make 2 glasses, the first glass I drink straight away and the second I sip through out the day. I have a couple of shakers from Buchsteiner bought for a couple of pounds from the internet, they rinse easily, they never leak and I'll use these when it's not appropriate to carry a glass bottle.

ps, I've a lifelong obsession with limes...if you're new to making health drinks and maybe been a little exuberant and added too many ingredients to your drink then a few squirts of fresh lime can often perk up what may at first have seemed a murky mistake :-)

If you have a favourite smoothie or juice recipe do get in touch as I'd be delighted to share it on the page

Big Bright Blessings & wishing you exceptional wellness, Dawn 

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