Tuesday, 14 May 2013


The personal development world is awash with the rules for the "law of attraction" and Abraham tells us so eloquently through Esther Hicks to keep reaching for better feeling thoughts which is wonderful, until you take your eye off the ball and fall off the band wagon as everyone does when they're starting out with a new habit or concept.
 So here’s a fast five minute exercise to get you back into the driver’s seat and back in the game.

 As you think your thoughts and feel your emotions so you create your experience. Because of the latter I highly recommend creating momentum here and deliberately committing yourself by setting your alarm to tell you it's time to tune inwards if necessary.

We're more likely to be in a downward spiral if we've lost our vision for a compelling future. So if you feel yourself spiralling take 5 mins to calibrate to get back on the "up".

1 Bring your awareness to your body, sit or stand up straight, feet on the floor, close your eyes and drop your shoulders.

2 Put your hand over your heart and with every in-breath imagine breathing light into your heart centre, do this until you feel calm and neutral.

3 Sense how it would feel to experience peace of mind, happiness and abundance. Imagine your life if peace of mind, happiness and abundance became your motivation in all that you do. 

4 Visualize yourself in six months’ time opening your heart to everyone you meet, how "alive" do you feel? 

What if living from your authentic loving self became your focus? 
What if you allowed yourself to drop all of the masks that weigh you down and stepped fully into the freedom of being who you really are, how does that feel to you?

 5 Take a few moments to really sense what that means to you. As you become one with the feeling of freedom imagine that energy filtering into every cell of your body.

6 Keep breathing light into your heart centre and remind yourself that you are free to evolve.

                                               That’s it!!

 The more you do this, the more you experience heart coherence and the more aligned to your dreams you will become. This solution is simple but not simplistic in nature,
my tutor Tony Robbins says over and over that repetition is the mother of skill and boy oh boy is that true here. Dawn 

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