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Lindajoy's Secret Supermix

I use a mix almost identical to the recipe below although I do take MSM separately as I'm not too keen on the taste and want it over as fast as poss! 

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 Lindajoy's  Secret Supermix

I love to add spices and superfoods to all kinds of dishes, especially smoothies, soups and dressings. For a long time I would go through a ritual of pulling a dozen jars out of the cupboard each time. Then I had a brainwave – I could mix up a batch of ‘additives’ (as I like to call them) to last a few days. Here’s my current recipe:
FLAXSEED 4 tbs, ground
These provide Omega 3 and protein, as well as being a gentle aid to gut cleansing and elimination. Best nutritionally when freshly ground, so grind small batches and keep in the fridge. Its healing fibre is so absorbent that you need to drink plenty of water when taking flaxseed – you do anyway, don’t you?
SPIRULINA 1 tbs powder
Algae are very nutrient dense, packed with vitamins, minerals and protein. Spirulina is a good source of iron and one of the rare vegan sources of vitamin B12 (though debate rages over its usefulness and additional supplementation may be necessary). It’s important to get a good quality product, as cheaper ones may be contaminated or contain heavy metals. Be aware it also has probiotic and detox properties, so you may experience some strong cleansing when you first take it.
MSM (Methyl Sulfonyl Methane) 1 tsp powder
This supplement provides sulphur in the best form for our bodies. I seem to have difficulty with sulpur metabolism, and have to go easy on the brassicas and onions which are natural sources of sulphur. It’s essential for mucous membranes, joints, skin, hair and nails. Although I first took MSM for my joints, it’s actually a great beauty supplement, and when I take it I notice the difference.
GINGER 1 tsp, ground
I can’t get too much ginger! It both calms and stimulates the digestive system, eases nausea, and its anti-inflammatory properties relieve arthritis. It’s effective against some forms of cancer. It warms, promotes sweating and is anti-microbial making it great for cold weather, coughs and colds. I love the flavour, and it’s good for balancing the sweetness and wetness of bananas or melon!
CINNAMON 1 tsp, ground
Cinnamon is also anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-microbial. It’s found to help regulate blood sugar and lower cholesterol levels. It’s anti-depressant and even supposed to boost memory, which puts it high on my list. And it’s rich in manganese, iron and calcium.

TURMERIC 1 tsp ground
This is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory spices, and has strong anti-cancer and anti-microbial properties. Also used as a painkiller, anti-depressant and skin healer.
KELP 1 tsp powder
Seaweeds are a powerhouse of minerals, including iodine, calcium, boron and magnesium, and have the amazing ability to remove radioactive isotopes from the body. Unfortunately I hate the taste, or I’d use loads of seaweed in my diet! But I can tolerate some kelp powder and it also soothes the digestion and boosts energy, immune system and the memory. As with spirulina, it’s important to find a good clean source not loaded with heavy metals.
MACA 1 tsp powder
Maca is a Peruvian root rich in phyto-nutrients said to increase energy, stamina and libido. It aids hormonal balance, making it particularly useful during menopause. Some side effects are possible, so check before using, and remember you only need a tiny amount to reap the benefits. I like to take ‘holidays’ from using it too.
The above mix provides roughly 4 portions of smoothie additive. Please note that references to particular conditions do not constitute medical advice and you should seek professional advice.

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