Saturday, 8 September 2012

Vitamin C Gossip

Fancy burning off even more calories without any more effort?
Do keep your Vit C tip-top. An American study suggests that we can burn off 30% more fat during exercise if we’re vitamin C rich! Vitamin C will also help your skin to glow, maintain cartilage keeping arthritis away, and give your immune system a head start for the winter months. So grab the last of the summer strawberries and plums for delish Vit C snacks and smoothies.
Ps…. Did you know doing sit-ups in bed is another easy way of getting more effect for not a lot more effort? So if you’ve been meaning to get around to some tum trimming then do yourself a favour and start today…. 15 per day = 105 per week, you’ll be an Olympian in no time  :-)

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