Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Change your words..Change your life

A Cherokee elder was teaching the young tribe about life.
He told them, “I have conflict inside me… like a terrible fight between two wolves.
One wolf represents fear, anger, envy and lies.
The other represents, love, joy, hope, and truth.
 This same fight is going on inside of you, and inside every other person, too.”
The children thought about this for a minute. Then one child asked his elder,
“Which wolf wins?” 
 The Cherokee elder replied…“The one that we feed.”

MRI scanners have shown scientists that our thoughts cause structural changes in our brain, consider that you have around 40,000 thoughts per day and you realise the power of thought. We all have an inner voice that mostly rattles on endlessly from when we wake until sleep comes again. The crucial part is what that inner voice talk is delivering. Are you even aware of your self-talk? is it your own voice you hear or your parents? do you hear a steady stream of nurturing guidance or a barrage of toxic negativity? what if you could turn the volume down on the negative and light up the positive? you're already in conversation with yourself so you may as well choose one that serves you well.

Experiment with these ideas....

Take a note pad and pen, then get naked in front of the mirror, write down everything you hear from your inner critic word for word.. If it's a list of negatives ask yourself..would you talk to a child in that way? consider apologising to yourself for being so harsh. Dispose of the list and write a list of all of your strengths and achievements, attach the new list to the mirror. Let this remind you everyday that you are so much more than how you physically see yourself... even if you are a show stopper of a beauty you still need to know that you are so much more.

Pay someone a compliment everyday.

Make a conscious decision to stop judging others.

Know that YOU have to set the example of how the world treats you, it really is your call.

When you recognise your own voice telling you that you are useless, or a failure, too this or too that then STOP what you are doing, take some slow deep breaths, lay your hand on your heart and feel as though you are breathing into and from your heart. Now ask that voice if what it's saying is your truth, what part of your inner wisdom is it coming from? My experience at this point is that the nagging bad mannered voice dissolves but if it's a fighter then simply ask it to show you the compassionate answer.

If you choose to keep feeding the love and the truth, you'll find that the big bad wolf will have left for the woods in no time  :-)

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