Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Thermo Auricular Therapy (de-cluttering between the ears)

The ancient art of Ear Candling is still relatively new to some people so I thought I'd write a little about the treatment and some of it's benefits....
Ear Candling is a gentle holistic therapy so following a consultation (using an otoscope so I get a good before and after impression) you can kick back and relax. The ear candles I use are a pure cotton flax tube impregnated with beeswax and infused with natural extracts and essential oils (they of excellent quality and smell divine :-) While you lay comfortably on the therapy bed, the lit candle is gently held in the outer ear canal. The slight warmth and vibration from the candle column creates a massaging function that helps surface wax to drain away and harder impacted wax can be drawn into the candle filter (if one ear carries more wax than the other you can actually see this in the filter after treatment).
 Important acupressure/meridian points are stimulated to invigorate the immune system whilst the concentrated vapour from the essential oil makes its way through the ear nose and throat for a soothing effect. This process is repeated in the other ear followed by a facial pressure point massage which will help the body to continue to drain away any mucus congestion. Here in the Medshed (at no extra cost) Candling sessions are often rounded off with a little Reiki and a cup of green tea if you so wish :-)

10 conditions  Ear Candling can be useful for 
Excessive wax build-up
Regulation of pressure in the ears and head
Blocked tear-duct
Hay fever
Facial neuralgia

As with all therapies there are a list of conditions where Candles cannot be used: perforated ear drum, grommets or a cochlear implant in place. Epilepsy and early pregnancy are not advised either due to some of the essential oil ingredients.

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