Sunday, 30 September 2012

Step Up

Step Forward to Step Up

Quite often (as the old saying goes) your best life really IS just outside of your comfort zone, the problem  when the giant leap seems too massive is that it can leave you frozen in fear instead of pro-actively taking action. The great news is that you very rarely have to take a giant leap! most of the time just one small achievable step is all you need commit yourself to.
 Here's a tiny example....stop procrastinating about exercising because you need the time and money to make it to the gym, you'll NEVER get there if you keep talking that talk, but you can get up 15 minutes early one day this week and stretch a bit, that's it, make a cup of tea, job done you took your first step. Next week, step 2, start wearing your gym shoes around the house, lunge a couple of times a day. In 3 weeks time it'll start becoming a habit and by week 4 I guarantee you'll be hatching a plan for an exercise routine. You possibly still won't have the gym-time or money but who cares you'll already be walking the walk.

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