Friday, 2 January 2015

Emotional health and wellness

Exercising emotional health and wellness is a learned skill that depends partly on our brain's ability to adapt.
BUT, it starts with our heart.

Our heart has 40,000 neurons of its own so when we experience positive emotions, such as compassion, forgiveness or appreciation, the heart’s rhythm becomes more coherent and harmonious, positively changing the physiology of our entire body.You know this is activated and you've shifted some energy when you can laugh heartily at yourself, you become excited about change or you've the ability to step back and intuitively look at the bigger picture – or hey you even realise that there is a bigger picture!
As in all fitness, repetition in thinking will build stronger neural pathways. So to keep our "go to" positive pathways in use and healthy, it's of great benefit to deliberately practice getting ourselves into a positive emotional state each and every morning.
Nourish yourself, relax, let your body your breath rise and fall, observe your body expand and contract, notice your heartbeat, appreciate your heartbeat, gently smile. 
You are amazing ƸӜƷ  ~ Dawn

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