Saturday, 25 May 2013


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Most of us will agree that a successful life is a life lived in accordance with our wishes, where we can be comfortable in saying that we're proud of our accomplishments and attainments.

If we take a giant step back from judgement for a minute and choose to not to give experiences a label of "good" or "bad" but view them simply as just "experience"  (after all that's what humans have come here for, to "Experience") we could say that we're all successful 100% of the time.

If we swapped the word successful for words like happy or peaceful we'd be more able to measure how we feel about our life experiences. By being on the lookout for how we feel, we can gage immediately whether we're acting in accordance with our values. Learn to become more emotionally intelligent, use your emotions as a guide. 

When living in-line with our values we tend to feel more comfortable, calm and more in control.
You'll know pretty instantly if what you are doing, thinking or feeling doesn't respect your values, it's usually where anxiety creeps in. To continue along a path that feels as though it goes against the grain of who you are, is not advisable if you fancy an outcome of joy, happiness or peace. Compromising your values creates a bumpy road ahead. When you know what your values are decision making becomes far easier.

So to measure personal success be sure to know your core values and your beliefs about them. Exploring this major part of what makes you tick can be the difference between making comfortable decisions that are aligned with who you are and allowing yourself to be swayed by someone else’s ideas.

 So in create a successful life that feels happy, exciting and peaceful, spend some time working out what makes your heart smile, then consciously and mindfully, be and do whatever makes your heart smile 

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