Monday, 31 December 2012

Get Clear for the New Year....

 "Cleanliness and order are not matters of instinct; they are matters of education, and like most great things, you must cultivate a taste for them." ~ Benjamin Disraeli

Devoting some time right now to get mentally and physically clear before the new year will have the knock on effect of helping you to keep on top of any new year’s resolutions you make.
The winter holidays can be manic so as you start to come through the other side start planning your life detox to kick-start afresh. The goal is to create an environment that allows your whole body to focus on renewing and relaxing. It’s a process of elimination – when you eliminate the clutter from your lifestyle, peace, creativity and healing kick in.

Detox the house.....

Start at the beginning, transfer the essentials to the new 2013 calendar throw out the old.

The fridge; throw out all of the opened odds and sods, if it didn't get eaten over the holidays it's not going to. Buy yourself a glass "lazy Susan" for future easy to reach pots and fridge condiments.

Put all of the fridge and oven shelves through the hot cycle in the dishwasher, if there are any burnt-ons left after washing; rub them off with a scrunched ball of tin foil.

Gather all of the kid’s paintings from the year, take pics of them or scan straight into a pc file, date it and consider making a photo book later in the year.

Get a file box if you don't have one, label the sections for "instructions" "household bills" "bank" "receipts"    etc. etc... as you’re clearing through the house file papers into here.

Throw out ALL of the past years magazines, stop kidding yourself that you'll pick them up again, especially for recipes, you won't, besides they all on line. Donate them to your hairdressers or a care home.

Strapped financially? This January Amazon are offering a £5 gift card when you trade in £15 worth of books, get Ebaying unwanted gifts and sell your old phone sooner rather than later.

If you are still moving the same "homeless" item around your house as this time last year, sling it or donate it.

Definitely have a sort through the wardrobes with selling, recycling and donating in mind.

A whizz around the garage and shed followed by a trip to the tip is always very satisfactory.

Finally to eliminating your body toxins, the simple most powerful course of action is the start drinking as much room temperature water as you can.

Keep it fresh, processed foods are usually packed out with chemicals that can hinder clearing out toxins from your body.
Think about adding more veg whilst cutting down on meat and dairy as they’re both difficult to digest.
Stay off refined sugar it’s hard on your body and lowers your immune system. Consider using dates or xylitol as a natural alternative.
Replacing caffeinated drinks will leave you better hydrated; at least consider starting each day with hot water and a squeeze of cleansing lemon.
Twenty minutes in a warm bath with grated ginger and sea salt sprinkled in is a wonderful detoxing agent. It’ll make you sweat and remove toxins from your skin.
Beware though….warm baths are not for everybody so check with your doc first if you have any concerns at all.
It’s a new moment, a new day, it’s a new year!! so how about getting to grips with your thoughts and emotions too? Most of us have some mental clutter blocking our positive flow in this area. Setting out your new year goals for 2013 can be an exciting process, I’ll be back with steps and ideas for these next.  Love and blessings until then.

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